• Nalolax is currently in registration and is scheduled to launch in Europe in 2015. Warneford is seeking partners to assist it in commercialising the product in Europe and funding the cost of its US regulatory programme.
  • In clinical trials, including oncology patients, Nalolax showed a treatment difference of more than 40 per cent compared to placebo with p>0.001 and no reduction in percieved pain relief.
  • As an innovative new product for the treatment and maintenance of opioid-induced constipation, Nalolax adds flexibility to clinical treatment options. With standard dosing of 10-15ml two to three times per day, it can be administered while a patient remains on a course of opioid analgesics, including long-term use and in chronic situations. Nalolax is fully titratable to suit patient needs, has a low side effect profile and can be used with the most commonly-used opioid products.
  • A recent market review of the total opioid-induced constipation market estimated it to be worth more than $2 billion by the year 2017 with recent US growth as high as 12.9% in 2013.
  • Nalolax has a highly competitive cost of goods.
  • Warneford has a robust pipeline of products in development, including higher strength and controlled release versions of Nalolax.


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