Traditional laxatives such as osmotics or faecal softeners stimulate the bowel but do not treat the underlying cause of the problem with recent studies indicating that some 30% to 50% of all chronic opioid patients are unable to obtain relief from such treatments.

Nalolax works by blocking the mu-opioid receptors in the gut with two key effects:

  • As a pure opioid anatagonist it combats the constipating effect of the opioid.
  • Naloxone has a low systemic bioavailability (<1%), so it does not antagonise the central analgesic effect of the opioid.
patient benefit

Nalolax has a clear defined patient benefit. It is highly effective in reversing opioid-induced constipation and is suitable for use in both long-term and acute situations.

  • Titratable to patient needs.
  • Low side effect profile.
  • Can be prescribed with commonly used opioids at the recommended doses.